Lock 27 – Johnnycake Lock

During the spring of 1828, a flood caused the Furnace Run Culvert to fail and the canal to silt. Read more

Cleveland Coast Guard Station (#219)

This station was designed by Cleveland architect J. Milton Dyer and built in 1940. It was designed to resemble a lake vessel and create the experience of being on board a ship. The United States Coast Guard was stationed here for over 30 years when they left in 1976 and moved to the East 9th street pier. Read more

Chippewa Lake Park

Hidden on a lakeshore in Medina County are the remains of an abandoned amusement park called Chippewa Lake Park. The park has been abandoned for more than 30 years after closing in 1978, though the park did open once more in 1979 for an Oktoberfest. After 100 years in operation, the park is overgrown, but barely forgotten. Read more

Tinker’s Creek Cemetery

Tinker’s Creek Cemetery, also know as Old Indian Cemetery, Terra Vista Cemetery, Hillside Cemetery, and Pilgerruh Cemetery, is the burial ground of early settlers of Tinker’s Creek. It is also said the Ottawa Indians are buried there, most likely because of the name Old Indian Cemetery that it has historically been referred too. Read more

Fitzwater Truss Bridge

Fitzwater Road extends from Canal Road and ends at the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad maintenance yard. Along this road in the Fitzwater Truss Bridge, it was constructed in 1922 and it approximately 200 feet long and 28 feet wide. Read more

Lock 24 – Niles Lock

In 1836, Peter Voris laid out and founded the small village of Niles. Only a small amount of people actually purchased a plot in the village. Nicholas Botzum and Thomas Owen operated rival mercantile stores on opposite sides of the canal. But, the village never grew and Voris sold the property to the Vallen Brothers who then converted the property back to common land. Read more

Lock 25 – Mud Catcher Lock

The front wall of the lock was demolished when Riverview Road was widened in the 1930s, and most of the canal in this section was filled in. Read more